City view at Night

More Ghostly Stories

This is a picture of Mary Nolan Thweatt and her three children. Her youngest son, standing to the right in the photo, was named Victor. Victor worked at the Camden Exchange, a railroad company located where the Visitors Center is today. One day Mary was sitting in the parlor of her daughter's house on Columbus Street. She had her sewing basket in her lap and was quietly sewing when she suddenly jumped up screaming "Victor, my Victor!.", then collapsed. At that very moment Victor had been crushed to death between two railroad cars while working at the railroad station.
Momma had taken off her wedding band and set it in the window sill to make bread one day. When she finished her task and reached for her ring, it was not there. After 40 years of never finding the wedding band, I had her jewelry box emptied out on the bed. I heard a noise still jiggling in the box. As I inspected the box closer, I found Momma's wedding band under the lining. Now how did it get there?

Find out about Heinrick Ryngo. He lived on King Street in the tiniest house in town. He became the "Doctor to the Dead".

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